Donate Your Recyclebank Points to Lea!

Henry C. Lea Elementary has been selected for a Recyclebank’s Green Schools grant!  In order to fund the Recyclebank rain garden project as part of Greening Lea, we need your Recyclebank points! It’s easy and free to help – log in to Recyclebank and donate your points here. Encourage others to do the same!

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2 Responses to “Donate Your Recyclebank Points to Lea!”
  1. Melani Lamond says:

    I THINK I just donated 7815 points – the website got hung up – let me know if the points came through! Great job you’re doing, thanks! – Melani Lamond

  2. arockar says:

    Melani, you should be able to see your point donation recorded under the “Activity” section of your Recyclebank profile (hover over the person icon). If not, please get in touch with me directly. Thanks!

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