SCI-West: Any School Can Be a Great School

Any School Can Be a Great School

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August 31, 2011

Growing out of just a few emails in the summer of 2010, the West Philadelphia Coalition of Neighborhood Schools (WPCNS) is a diverse group of community members in West Philadelphia. Only one year later, they have around 300 community members on the email list—from parents with school age children, to parents with younger or older children not in the public school system, to community members without children who want to help their area school.

According to Amara Rockar, chair of WPCNS, the organization was “created to provide additional attention and support to the community’s neighborhood public elementary schools and to encourage parents to send their children to their catchment school.”

Erin McCleary, a founding member of WPCNS, says that when researching area schools, it “seemed like an enormous displacement of resources…when there are enough elementary schools in the city of Philadelphia so that everyone can walk to school.”

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